United Bank of India VP Marketing Salary and Remuneration


Complete pay package of VP Marketing at United Bank of India explained.

United Bank of India VP Marketing Salary and Remuneration

Remuneration :

a. Lumpsum remuneration restricted to a maximum of Rs.1,75,000/- (Rupees One Lac Seventy Five Thousand only) p.m., depending upon last salary package drawn including perquisites, etc., with an annual increment of 10% of the monthly remuneration amount, payable on proportionate basis.

b. Not entitled for any other allowances / terminal benefits / reimbursements whatsoever.

c. However, the terminal remuneration, as also leave encashment shall be payable only after satisfactory completion of all the terms & conditions of the contract after the end of contractual tenure.

d. All payments / reimbursements shall be subject to deduction of Taxes at source, if any, and paid by way of credit into the Bank account of the contractee.


a. Reimbursement for Leased Accommodation having a maximum carpet area of 2000 Sq. Feet, subject to a ceiling of Rs. 30,000/- p.m., and one time reimbursement for purchasing brand new furniture and fixtures, subject to a ceiling of Rs.1,75,000/-, as per rules and rates applicable to an Officer in TEGS-VI in the Bank.

b. Restricted to Travel expenses & allowances (TE/TA) for official tours undertaken in India, as per Bank‟s rules. b. Tour Programme alongwith the purpose of tour and travel details, should be got approved from the General Manager (RBMD), in advance.

c. Entitled to travel by Train (AC 1st First Class) or by Air (Economy class). Alternatively, entitled to travel by Taxi or by own vehicle, with prior written permission from the General Manager(RBMD).

d. In case of travel by own vehicle, reimbursement will be @ Rs.9/- per k.m., while for other mode of travel the same will be at actuals.

e. Entitled for Lodging Charges & Daily Halting Allowance, while on Travel to outstation tours, as per rates given below: Sr. No. Classification of Area Daily Lodging Charges (Rs.) Daily Halting Allowance (Rs.) i Metro Cities 6800 1800 ii Major „A‟ Class cities 6800 1300 iii Places under Area-I 3400 1100 iv Other Places 3000 950 Note: Actual Luxury Tax & Service Tax will also be reimbursable but Service Charges will not be reimbursable.

f. The final bill containing the full details of the tour alongwith all the supporting documents, tickets, boarding pass, cash memos, receipts, invoices, etc., in originals, will have to be submitted manually within 7 working days after completion of the tour to the General Manager(RBMD) who in turn will recommend the same for sanction by the General Manager(HR).

g. The geographical limits of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Districts of Thane and Raigad will be considered as local areas. All other places will be reckoned as Outstation. h. One day shall comprise of a period of above 8 hours upto 24 hours.