SSC MTS : General Knowledge Questions

SSC MTS General Knowledge Questions

SSC MTS General Knowledge Questions 2017


SSC MTS General Knowledge Questions

  • Name of Posts: SSC Multi Tasking (Non-Technical staff)
  • Number of Posts: 8000

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Section Questions Marks
General Intelligence & Reasoning 25 25
Numerical Aptitude Questions 25 25
General English 50 50
General Awareness 50 50



The weightage of SSC MTS General Knowledge Questions in the exam is quite high so prepare well.

SSC MTS General knowledge questions comprising the general awareness section of the exam are quite scoring for the aspirants. The section needs less time to prepare as compared to reasoning and quantitative aptitude sections.

GK section needs consistent effort of candidates by updating his basic general knowledge with all current events. Only then can the general knowledge questions be attempted on the exam.

Comparatively to other sections of the paper, general knowledge section is vast in its content as it covers all basic static affairs to current affairs. And also this section needs more practice by solving the mock question papers or previous year papers.

SSC MTS General Knowledge Questions : Syllabus

SSC MTS General Knowledge questions asked in the  Exam will be designed to test the ability of the candidate’s general awareness of the environment around him and its application to society.

SSC MTS General Knowledge questions will also be designed to test knowledge of current events and of such matters of everyday observation and experience in their scientific aspects as may be expected of an educated person.

The test will also include questions relating to India and its neighbouring countries especially pertaining to Sports, History, Culture, Geography, Economic scene, General Polity including Indian Constitution, and Scientific Research etc. These questions will be such that they do not require a special study of any discipline.


SSC MTS General Knowledge Questions: Books to Refer

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Important SSC MTS Current Affairs Questions

  1. Which movie won the best motion picture-drama award at the Golden Globes Award-2017?
  2. In which state was India’s first international stock exchange ‘India International Exchange’ launched?
  3. Who won the ‘Best FIFA Mens Player 2016’ award?
  4. Akhada is the biography of………….
  5. When is National Youth Day celebrated in India?
  6. Which cricket team won the Ranji Trophy for 2016-17?
  7. Who is the new Chief Justice of Supreme court?
  8. Who is the new chairperson of African Union Commission?
  9. What is the name of operation launched by Income Tax Department to track deposits post demonetisation?
  10. What was the theme of ‘World Wetlands Day 2017’ observed on February 2?


  1. Moonlight
  2. Gujarat
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo
  4. Mahavir Singh Phogat
  5. January 12th
  6. Gujarat
  7. J S Khehar
  8. Moussa Faki
  9. Operation Clean Money
  10. Wetlands for disaster risk reduction

Important SSC MTS General Knowledge Questions

  1. Whose birthday is celebrated as ‘Sadhbhavna Divas’?
  2. What is the full form of “NITI” Aayog?
  3. Which organ secretes bile juice?
  4. What is the capital of Australia?
  5. When did the constituent assembly adopt the national anthem?
  6. What is the name of the border line between India and Pakistan?
  7. Kathakkali dance form is associated with which Indian state?
  8. Entertainment tax imposed by _________
  9. Who is the present governor of RBI?
  10. Who is the winner of men’s singles US open tennis championship-2016?


  1. Rajiv Gandhi
  2. National Institution for Transforming India
  3. Lever
  4. Canberra
  5. 24th January 1950
  6. Radcliffe line
  7. Kerala
  8. State governments
  9. Dr Urjit Patel
  10. Stan Wawrinka


SSC MTS General Knowledge Questions: History 

  1. Buddhist scriptures were written in which language?
  2. Historical town Kalibangan is located in which Indian state?
  3. Which is the first vedic book to deal with Musics?
  4. Mahamud Gawan was the prime minister of which kingdom?
  5. Name the freedom fighter who said, “Swaraj is my birth right”
  6. Who is the author of the book, “Poverty and UnBritish rule in India”?
  7. What is the name of committee, set up for inquiry of Jallianwala Bhag massacre?
  8. In which session, Congress demanded for ‘Poorna Swaraj’?
  9. Who is the last governor general and first viceroy of India?
  10. Which language was the state language during Sultanate period?


  1. Pali
  2. Rajasthan
  3. Samaveda
  4. Bahamani
  5. Bala Gangadhar Tilak
  6. Dadabhai Naoroji
  7. Hunter commission
  8. Lahore session of 1929
  9. Lord Canning
  10. Persian


SSC MTS General Knowledge Questions: Indian Polity

  1. Who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution?
  2. The Fundamental Duties feature of Indian Constitution is borrowed from the Constitution Of which country?
  3. Which Act created for the first ‘The Supreme Court’ in India?
  4. Who acted as the Constitutional Advisor to the Constituent Assembly?
  5. Which State enjoys the distinction of being the first linguistic State of India?
  6. In which Case did Supreme Court hold that the Preamble was a part of the Constitution?
  7. The Fundamental Rights of the Indian Citizen in our Constitution are contained in which part of the Indian Constitution?
  8. Who was the first President of Indian Republic?
  9. Who appoints Attorney General of India?
  10. A money bill can be originated only in ________


  1. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
  2. erstwhile USSR
  3. Regulating act of 1773
  4. B. N. Rau
  5. Andhra Pradesh
  6. Kesavananda Bharati case
  7. Part III
  8. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  9. President of India
  10. Lok Sabha


SSC MTS General Knowledge Questions: Economy

  1. Mahalanobis Model has been associated with which Five Year Plan?
  2. Who was the First Chairman of Planning commission of India?
  3. Who is known as Father of White Revolution in India?
  4. The terms “NEER” and “REER” are related with ________
  5. Who is the present ‘Commerce of Industry Minister’ of Government of India?
  6. Where is the the Head quarters of World Bank located?
  7. Who is the major share holder of ‘NABARD’?
  8. Special Drawing Rights (SDR) is related to which multilateral financial institutions?
  9. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is nationalised in the year ____
  10. In India, who formulates Fiscal policy?


  1. Second five year plan
  2. Jawahar Lal Nehru
  3. Varghese Kurien
  4. Foreign exchange rate
  5. Nirmala Sitharaman
  6. Washington DC
  7. Government of India
  8. International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  9. 1949
  10. Ministry of Finance


SSC MTS General Knowledge Questions: Geography

  1. Which Indian state has longest coastline?
  2. India’s only active volcano can be found in which Island?
  3. Which longitude determines the Indian Standard Time (IST)?
  4. Which is the largest ocean of the world?
  5. Which is the hottest desert in the world?
  6. Panama, connects which of the two continents?
  7. Which country is also called the “Land of the Midnight Sun”?
  8. Manas National Park is located in which of the Indian state?
  9. Which Indian neighbour country shares longest land boundary with India?
  10. Which south Indian river is also known as ‘Dakshin Ganga’?


  1. Gujarat
  2. Barren island
  3. 82.5 E
  4. Pacific ocean
  5. Sahara desert
  6. North America and South America
  7. Norway
  8. Assam
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Godavari


SSC MTS General Knowledge Questions: Miscellaneous

  1. On which day Woman’s day celebrated internationally?
  2. Suez canal is located in which country of the world?
  3. What is the currency of Bhutan?
  4. Who is the secretary general of United Nations?
  5. Who is the recipient of Jnanapith award 2016?
  6. Who has been named as the ICC Cricketer of the year 2016?
  7. Where is the headquarters of Red Cross is situated?
  8. Who has been sworn in as the new Chief Justice of India?
  9. What is the India’s ranking in Ease of doing business list 2016?
  10. “Beipanjiang Bridge” the world’s highest bridge is in which country?


  1. 8th March
  2. Egypt
  3. Ngultrum
  4. António Guterres
  5. Shanka Ghosh
  6. Ravichandran Ashwin
  7. Geneva
  8. J.S. Kehar
  9. 130th
  10. China

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