RBI Assistant Cutoff 2016 : Preliminary Exam

RBI Assistant Cutoff

RBI Assistant Cutoff 2016.

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RBI Assistant Cutoff 2016

Reserve Bank of India conducts the Assistant exam each year for recruitment to RBI. The exam is considered very prestigious and the competition is neck to neck. This year the number of seats is 610 so this is a golden opportunity for a lot of you to be recruited as an Assistant in the prestigious Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

The cutoff for RBI Assistant Exam varies each year. In the current article , we will try to give you a logical prediction about this year’s RBI Cutoff. THE RBI Assistant Cutoff is not just announced in terms of overall score but state wise RBI Assistant Cutoff is also compiled each year.

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Expected RBI Assistant Cutoff – State Wise 

The following state wise expected RBI Assistant cutoff is for GENERAL category.

  • Andhra Pradesh – 73
  • Assam -58
  • Bihar – 67.5
  • Chhattisgarh – 63.5
  • Gujarat – 59
  • Harayana – 68
  • Himachal Pradesh – 67
  • J&K – 66
  • Jharkhand – 71
  • Karnataka – 59
  • Kerela – 71
  • Madhya Pradesh – 66.5
  • Maharashtra – 60
  • Odisha – 71
  • Punjab -70
  • Rajasthan -65
  • Tamil Nadu 58
  • Telangana – 66
  • Uttar Pradesh – 69
  • Uttrakhand – 72
  • West Bengal – 71

Note: It needs to be pointed out here that RBI Assistant Cutoff predicted above has been compiled by some of the top experts of the banking industry. Every care has been taken to not go off beat by +/- 10 marks, if at all required. However, only Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has the final authority for deciding the RBI Assistant Cutoff 2016. So don’t worry too much about the cutoff. Focus on the preparation. All the very best.


Predicted RBI Assistant Cutoff 2016

Category Expected RBI Assistant Cutoff
General 65-70
OBC 58-63
SC 53-59
ST 48-52


What is the Probability of a High Cutoff this year ?

This year the RBI Assistant Prelims was extremely easy and so the RBI Assistant Cutoff will surely be high.

Let us look at the reasons for taking this stance of a high RBI Assistant Cutoff –

  • RBI Assistant Prelims 2016 was extremely easy.
  • Majority of the students have had very good attempts in the preliminary stage.These attempts range from 85-95.
  • Majority of the students have had a high level of accuracy. This means that their chances of being selected in the prelims increases manifold.
  • Since the paper was easy, even the average candidate has performed well and hence the competition is bound to be high.
  • A lot of aspirants who did not perform well in the previous bank exams that were held this year, have performed exceedingly well in RBI Assistant Prelims and hence the competition will be neck to neck this time.

Factors that will Decide RBI Assistant Cutoff 2016

  • Total number of vacancies available in 2016 (610)
  • Total number of candidates appearing for RBI Assistant Prelims 2016
  • Overall level of the RBI preliminary examination (Easy or Difficult)
  • State Wise Indicators for various zonal RBI Offices

Uses of RBI Assistant Cutoff

  • RBI Assistant Cutoff decides the number of candidates who will qualify the next level of the RBI Assistant Exam i.e Mains.
  • RBI Assistant Cutoff serves as a benchmark for all future aspirants.

Steps to Check RBI Assistant Cutoff

  • Visit the Official website of RBI – rbi.org.in
  • Click on the link that states ‘RBI Assistant Marksheet’
  • Enter the information as instructed – DOB/Registeration Number/Roll no.
  • Check RBI Assistant Cutoff
  • Take Printout for future reference

Comparison of RBI Assistant Cutoff to Other Bank Cutoffs

The following comparison of RBI Assistant Cutoff with other major banking exams has been done keeping the past year official cutoffs in mind.

SBI CLERK : RBI Assistant Cutoff is generally higher than SBI Clerk Cutoff.

SBI PO: Cutoff for RBI Assistant Exam is comparable generally to SBI PO Cutoff.

IBPS CLERK: Cutoff for RBI Assistant is generally higher than IBPS Clerk cutoff but this year it’s difficult to predict seeing the easiness of the IBPS Clerk Exam.

IBPS PO: RBI Assistant Cutoff is generally comparable  to IBPS PO Cutoff

IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1: Cutoff for RBI Assistant is generally higher than IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 Cutoff

IBPS RRB Office Assistant (Multipurpose): RBI Assistant Cutoff is generally higher than IBPS RRB Office Assistant Cutoff.

Final RBI Assistant Cutoff 2015

In 2015 there was no preliminary stage in RBI Assistant Exam. Hence the cutoff was calculated out of 200.

Zonal RBI Final Cutoff 2015
Ahmedabad 158.00
Bangalore 150.75
Bhopal 169.00
Bhubaneshwar 169.25
Chandigarh 171.50
Chennai 163.25
Guwahati 161.75
Hyderabad 169.00
Jaipur 169.00
Jammu 163.75
Lucknow & Kanpur 170.25
Kolkata 169.25
Mumbai 154.50
Nagpur 154.50
New Delhi 170.00
Patna 170.00
Thiruvanathapuram & Kochi 165.00


Final RBI Assistant Cutoff 2014

In 2014 there was no preliminary stage in RBI Assistant Exam. Hence the cutoff was calculated out of 200.

The Cutoff below is for General Category –

Zonal RBI Final Cutoff 2014
Ahmedabad 121
Bangalore 114
Bhopal 135
Bhubaneshwar 136
Chandigarh 136
Chennai 128
Guwahati 113
Hyderabad 138
Jaipur 135
Jammu 123
Lucknow & Kanpur 142
Kolkata 133
Mumbai 111
Nagpur 116
New Delhi 142
Patna 135
Thiruvanathapuram & Kochi 136

Stages of RBI Assistant Cutoff

1.Preliminary Stage

Aspirants who score marks above the decided RBI Assistant Cutoff are deemed as qualified for Stage 2 i.e Mains. The RBI Assistant Cutoff for the preliminary examination is calculated out of a total of 100 marks.

2. Mains Stage

Aspirants who score marks above the decided RBI Assistant Cutoff are deemed as qualified for Stage 3 i.e Interview. The RBI Cutoff for the Mains examination is calculated out of a total of 200 marks.

3. Interview

The RBI Cutoff for the Interview examination is calculated out of a total of 35 marks. It is taken as a separate category.

How is RBI Assistant Cutoff Applied in the Examination Process ?

The Cutoff for RBI Assistant Exam is applied in two stages :On the scores in individual tests and on the total score.

RBI Assistant Cutoff – FAQ’s

Q1. What is meant by RBI Assistant Cutoff ?

A1. RBI Assistant Cutoff is the minimum score that a candidate should score in order to qualify the exam.

Q2. How many kinds of RBI Assistant Cutoff are there ?

A2. There are two kinds – Overall Cutoff and Sectional Cutoff.

Q3. How is the Cutoff applied ?

A3. Cutoff is applied on the individual score as well as the total score. Hence it is important to score good in all sections.

Q4. Who decides the final Cutoff ?

A4. Final cutoff is decided by Reserve Bank of India exam conducting authorities.

Q5. Does the level of exam affect the Cutoff ?

A5. Yes. If the paper is complex overall, the cutoff is usually high.

Q6. Does RBI Assistant Cutoff differ from state to state ?

A6. RBI Assistant Cutoff differs region wise (depending on the regional RBIs). However the difference isn’t large as compared to the overall RBI Assistant Cutoff.

RBI Assistant Recruitment Details 2016

Kindly find below the details of RBI Assistant vacancies against various Indian cities.

RBI Posting Number of Vacancies
Mumbai 150
Bangalore 35
Kanpur & Lucknow 52
Chandigarh 38
Chennai 25
Ahmadabad 30
Hyderabad 31
Jaipur 20
Kolkatta 35
Thiruvanathapuram & Kochi 30
New Delhi 25
Nagpur 20
Patna 22
Bhubaneshwar 10
Bhopal 22
Guwahati 27
Jammu 10
Total 610

RBI Assistant Result 2016

Result for RBI Assistant Exam can be checked on the official RBI website. The participating RBI’s for result are Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubneshwar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jammu, Kanpur, Lucknow, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, New Delhi, Patna, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi.

RBI Assistant Result Important Details

  • The overall candidates to be selected this year will be more than last year.
  • Around 2000 candidates are expected to be called for interview this year
  • Only those candidates will be called for PI who have a sufficiently high position in merit in the RBI Assistant Recruitment Result 2016 of online exam.

RBI Assistant Exam Important Dates

Date Event
December 23rd & 24th RBI Assistant Prelims 2016
January 3rd (+/- 5 days) RBI Assistant Prelims Result 2016

RBI Assistant Job Profile

RBI Assistant is undoubtedly one of the most revered and respected jobs for the aspirants trying to fit in the banking sector. It is not everyday that one gets to work at the Reserve Bank of India.

One gets to learn a lot in the organisation and simultaneously gets paid quite decently along with other perks and allowances. Also, the working hours are less compared to other banks.

Comparison with other Bank Jobs

RBI Assistant Job despite the fact that it is a clerical cadre job preferred by the majority of aspirants as compared to a Bank PO. Let us look at the following points to understand the situation better:

  • Transfers: Transfer in RBI takes place after five years of service while in other banks the transfer takes place every three years.
  • Rural postings: RBI doesn’t have branches in rural areas so the employees are mostly posted in urban localities while other banks post their employees in rural areas quite often.
  • Work pressure: Other nationalized banks have tremendous work pressure regarding business generation, meeting the targets for the bank while in Reserve Bank of India there is no such pressure so the job is less stressful.
  • BRAND: Do we need to discuss brand. Reserve bank of India is the father of all other banks. There is a great pride working for Reserve bank of India.
  • Working Days and Timings: Work timings in Reserve Bank of India are 9.15AM to 5.15 PM and RBI works 5 days a week. The situation is different in other nationalized banks as they have loads of work and targets to complete.