NABARD Development Assistant Questions Asked Last Year

NABARD Development Assistant Questions Asked Last Year

NABARD Development Assistant Questions asked last year(2015).

NABARD Development Assistant Questions

We have created a comprehensive list of questions that were asked in NABARD Development Assistant Exam in 2015. Go through them to understand the level of complexity of the exam.


7th floor puzzle
“0 floor is the bottom floor and 7 floor is the top floor”.

  • P belongs to 4th floor.
  • There are two person between P and R.
  • Q belongs above P’s floor and immediate floor of V.
  • There are two floor between Q and S.
  • S and T doesn’t belongs to 2nd floor.

 R is the father of T, B is the only son of B. G is the married to T and G is mother of M and O is married to M.
(1) If P is married to R, then what is the relation between M and P.
(2) What is the relation between M and R?

Numeric Ability

1. 5, 6, 14, 45, 184, ?
2. 4, 11, 25, 45, 70, ?
3. 7, 26, 19, 38, 31, ?
4. 8, 10, 20, 50, 118, ?
5. 13, 14, 10, 19, 3, ?
6. The Total investment of A, B and C is 33,800. B’s share is twice of C’s share and A’s share is 2600 more than C’s share. Find the share of C?
7. The ratio of the mixture of A and B is 4 : 3. If B’s 7 litre mixture replaced with 12 litre. Find the amount of A’s quantity in mixture.
8. A done a piece of work in 36 days and B done same work in 20 days. After 9 days C joins the work. How many days C can complete whole work?

NABARD Development Assistant Exam Tips

  1. During the exam, don’t try to attempt anything which you haven’t come across before.
  2. First attempt only those  sections in which you are more confident.
  3. Score maximum marks in it.
  4. This would increase your performance and confidence.
  5. It will definitely help you in scoring in your weak areas as well.