IBPS PO Interview


IBPS PO Interview will be conducted for candidates selected for IBPS PO Mains 2016.

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IBPS PO Interview

IBPS PO Interview February 2017
IBPS PO Interview Call Letters December 2016
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IBPS PO Interview is the last stage of the 3 step recruitment process for Probationary Officers conducted by Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS).

A lot of aspirants remain perplexed about the nature of IBPS PO Interview especially the first time applicants.

In the current article, I will help you understand the entire IBPS PO Interview process along with all the essential details.

All the very best.

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Nature of IBPS PO Interview

All the candidates who have qualified IBPS PO Mains 2016 will be issued with the call letters for IBPS PO Interview. The candidates are expected to report on time at the prescribed venue along with the official documents.

The IBPS PO Interview is conducted to test a candidate on various professional skills. Also, it helps to reduce the volume of aspirants in the overall screening process. Only the best make it through.

Make sure to be a part of the selected candidates.

IBPS PO Interview Panel

Some of the finest intellectuals of the banking sector are a part of the IBPS PO Interview panel. They are knowledgeable and well exposed professionals. They understand the banking sector as well as the economy much more than all of us do.

Sometimes, the IBPS PO Interview panel may also consist of a highly skilled professional from the field of psychology. His/her role in the interview will be to observe candidates and determine their underlying personality traits at the end.

That is why it is never recommended to make an effort to outsmart them or lie. Just be yourself and answer questions to the best of your ability. If you are unable to answer a question, be honest and politely reveal that you do do not know the answer for that question. They will ask you another one.

IBPS PO Interview isn’t only to test your knowledge but also the essential skills that make up your personality and honesty is an important trait expected to be inherent in you.

How to Approach the IBPS PO Interview Panel ?

  • Be courteous and graceful in your conduct
  • Be extremely polite
  • Cockyness and arrogance should be a total no-no
  • Be decent enough when you’re appreciated for your achievements
  • Be truthful at all times

How to Prepare yourself for IBPS PO Interview ?

There are a few requisites that should be kept in mind while preparing for the IBPS PO Interview.

Have complete clarity about your academic background 

Having clarity about your complete academic profile is the first step in preparation of any interview , not just IBPS PO Interview. Have full knowledge about your academic background as well as reasons for opting a particular stream of education.

Understand your Job profile 

Know everything about your ‘would be’ job profile. You should have valid reasons to join a respective bank as a Probationary Officer and should understand your duties well. Prepare the answer of questions such as’ “Why do you want to be a Bank PO?” , “How will you be an asset in the banking sector? ” etc.

Know the Banking Sector

You should have quite some knowledge about the banking industry in general and how is it transforming in the contemporary times. You’re not just expected to have a fair knowledge about the participating IBPS Banks but also about banks like RBI and SBI. Also, know the differences in the functioning of a public sector bank and a private sector bank.

Anticipate Expected Questions

Prepare a certain list of interview questions that you expect can be asked from you. Make a logical list and prepare the answers. Keep practicing. Now preparing a list doesn’t indicate that only those questions will be asked but you will gain a lot of confidence as you keep acquiring knowledge.

Refine Yourself Communication Skills

The way you speak in front of the Interview panel will speak a lot about your personality. It is one of the best ways to cast a long lasting impression. Develop a certain kind of poise in the way you speak through the IBPS PO Interview. Improve on your diction and overall speech. Be assertive but polite at the same time. The interviewer should fall in love with your choice of words.

Try Talking to Previous Year Selected Candidates

If possible try speaking with candidates who’ve successfully cracked the IBPS PO interview previously. Ask them what all it took for them to get through. If you don’t happen to know any such candidate, do not worry. A lot of websites (including ours) publish interview experiences of previously selected candidates. So You can always read through those interviews and gain some insights.

Attempt Mock Interviews

Either enroll yourselves with certain institutes that provide the facility conducting Mock IBPS PO Interview or take help from your parents, friends or colleagues in helping you with the interview preparation. Self evaluation as well as suggestions – both positive and negative are essential at this point in time.

Top 4 Things to Conquer before IBPS PO Interview

  • Your own academic as well as professional profile
  • Important aspects about the banking sector in India
  • Important aspects of the India Economy
  • Important ongoing aspects of World economy
  • Current Affairs of the last six months with a special emphasis on economy and banking

IBPS PO Interview – Do’s & Dont’s

  • Be confident
  • Be graceful
  • Show proper mannerism
  • Remain modest about achievements
  • Most importantly, report on time
  • Don’t lie about things you do not know
  • Don’t be rude
  • Don’t be proud about accolades
  • Don’t wear clothes that are not ironed.
  • Most importantly, don’t be late

Questions Asked during previous IBPS PO Interviews

A lot of our users have previously qualified the IBPS PO Interview. So we’ve taken some inputs and now will list the questions that were asked during their IBPS PO Interview. Go through the questions asked. They will prove immensely useful for you.

Q1. Tell us about yourself and your educational qualifications?

Q2. Are you preparing only for Bank exams ? If not what are the other exams you are preparing for ?

Q3. How have you prepared for this interview ?

Q4. Do you know the difference between direct and indirect taxes ?

Q5. What do you know about Dhan Jan Yojana ?

Q6. What are the functions of Reserve Bank of India ?

Q7. Who heads the State Bank of India presently?

Q8. Who is your most inspiring female head of any Indian Bank ?

Q9. What is meant by Welfare Economy ?

Q10. What is meant by FDI. Do you support it ?

Q11. What are the biggest challenges of the Indian Banking Industry ?

Q12. What is meant by NPA ?

Q13. What do you understand by ‘Quasi Assets?’

Q14. What is Fiscal Deficit ?

Q15. What is the essential difference between a debit and credit card ?

Q16. What is the significance of Direct Benefit Transfer

Q17. Give two flip sides of money laundering and how do you think Government should prevent it ?

Q18. What do you understand by the term negotiable interest ?

Q19. What is a post dated cheque ?

Q20. If given a choice, which bank would like to join as a Bank PO ?

Essential Documents for IBPS PO Interview

There are a set of documents that you’re expected to carry with you when you appear for the IBPS PO Interview. So make sure to take them.

  • Printout of Valid IBPS PO Interview Call Letter
  • Valid Online Application form (system generated)
  • Proof for Date of Birth
  • Photo Identity Proof
  • Mark sheet (Graduation)
  • Reservation Caste Certificate (if applicable)
  • Medical Certificate for Physically Disability candidates
  • Experience Certificates (if applicable)
  • Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) for candidates who are employed under Government Sector/PSU’ etc.

Top 5 Things to do during the IBPS PO Interview

  1. Greet the interview panel politely. Come across as a likable individual.
  2. Stay active and participating during the interview.
  3. Do not interrupt the interviewers before they finish their questions
  4. Make sure to turn off your cellphone. It should never ring during the interview.
  5. Lastly, admit if you don’t know a question rather than lieing that you do. Always stay honest.

Top 5 Things to do after the IBPS PO Interview

  1. Keep your cool. Whatever is going on in your head (good or bad depending on your interview experience), keep it inside you.
  2. Don’t behave cocky no matter how well your interview went.
  3. Say ‘thank you’ once you’re done. Don’t just walk away.
  4. Walk out gently and don’t make a lot of noise with your footwear. Appear graceful.
  5. Don’t discuss your experience right away with other candidates. You’ll make them nervous.

How to Dress Up for IBPS PO Interview ?

An individual’s wardrobe is reflective of one’s professionalism. So dress up decently. Do not wear any flashy clothes. Dress smartly and decently. Wear formals. No jeans, casual tshirts. Women should be dressed up in either Indian or Western formals and men should dress up in a shirt (plain), tie and formal trousers. Make sure to smell good but do not apply excess perfume. That will put the interviewer off.  Lastly, well ironed clothes should be worn. No wrinkles or folds should be a part of your attire on the day of the IBPS PO Interview.

I wish each and every aspirant who will be facing the IBPS PO Interview Board, my very best. Give your best shot and stay confident at all times.

If you have any doubts or queries in relation with the IBPS PO interview, kindly post it in the comments section below and I’ll resolve them for you at the earliest.

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