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    Top IBPS PO Interview Questions

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    IBPS PO Interview Questions

    Institute of Banking Personnel Selection will conduct the IBPS PO interview for candidates who successfully qualified the IBPS PO Mains examination 2016.

    This will be the 3rd and final stage for the IBPS PO Recruitment Process 2016 and should be taken seriously.

    IBPS PO Interview – Do’s & Don’ts

    Before you head towards, the most important IBPS PO Questions, have a look at the Do’s & Don’ts for the interview.

    • Be confident
    • Be graceful
    • Show proper mannerism
    • Remain modest about achievements
    • Most importantly, report on time
    • Don’t lie about things you do not know
    • Don’t be rude
    • Don’t be proud about accolades
    • Don’t wear clothes that are not ironed.
    • Most importantly, don’t be late

    IBPS PO Questions – Genre Wise

    We are providing you with a comprehensive list of important IBPS PO Questions and have compiled them genre wise especially for your convenience. Go through the questions and practice the potential answers. It is recommended that you go in for mock interviews either at a coaching institute or ask your acquaintances to help you practice.

    IBPS PO Interview Questions : Personal

    Q1. Introduce yourself and tell us a little about your family background ?

    Q2. Tell us about the occupation of your parents ?

    Q3. How has your parents’ occupation influenced your early years ?

    Q4. Where are you from ?

    Q5. Can you tell us one specialty about your hometown ?

    Q6. What do you think about the statement, “Looks don’t matter?”


    IBPS PO Interview Questions : Academia

    Q1. Why did you pursue graduation in your stream ?

    Q2. What was your aggregate percentage ?

    Q3. Do you intend to pursue further studies ?

    Q4. What subject were you best at in college ?


    IBPS PO Interview Questions : Banking Sector 

    Q1. What is your view of the banking sector in India ?

    Q2. Do you know the full form CIBIL ?

    Q3. What do understand by Financial Inclusion ?

    Q4. Suggest an act which prevents money laundering in India ?

    Q5. What do you understand by KYC or Know Your Customer Norms ?

    Q6. What do you know about NPAs ?

    Q7. Do you feel that NPA’s are a inhibitor of the banking sector in India ?

    Q8. What is meant by a Demat account ?

    Q9. Tell us two differences between a debit and a credit card ?

    Q10. What according to you is the future of e-banking in India ?

    Q11. Do you know anything about Core Banking Solutions (CBS) ?


    IBPS PO Interview Questions : Economy

    Q1. The term Cashless Economy has been in news lately. What do you understand by it ?

    Q2. Do you favour FDI or not ? Tell us your reasons about you feeling that way ?

    Q3. What is meant by CRR ?

    Q4. Do you know the present CRR of India ?

    Q5. What do you know about SLR and Repo Rate ?

    Q6. How old is the RBI ?

    Q7. How many Deputy Governors does the RBI have ?

    Q8. Give two points in favour of public sector banks in India.

    Q9. Indian Economy recently surpassed the Britain economy. This has happened for the first time in 150 years. What is the current position of Indian economy globally ?

    Q10. What is the full form of IBRD ?

    Q11. Who was the face behind Demonetization in India ?

    Q12. Give two points in favour/against Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana.

    Q13.  What is the current interest rate on Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) for FY 17?

    IBPS PO Interview Questions : Current Affairs

    Q1. India’s first Cashless Bazaar has been set up. Do you know in which city it has been set up ?

    Q2. With which sport is Karun Nair associated ?

    Q3. Saumitra Chaudhuri, who passed away recently, was the famous personality of which field?


    Criteria for selecting Important IBPS PO Questions

    • An expert team specializing in banking and economy has given inputs for the IBPS PO questions mentioned in the current article
    • Inputs from more than 100 students have been included. These students have appeared for the IBPS PO Interview in the last 2 years.
    • Ongoing trends of various important topics in news, important from the point of view of IBPS PO Interview Questions has been taken into great consideration.

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