IBPS PO English Preparation: How to Score More ?


IBPS PO English Preparation is extremely crucial. Seeing the latest exam questions, English section needs utmost focus.

IBPS PO English Preparation

The English Section has become one of the most challenging sections of the IBPS PO Examination in recent times (this year included). The section needs to be taken seriously by aspirants because of the presence of sectional cutoff in the exam.

There will be 30 questions in the English Section of IBPS PO Prelims Exam with questions from sub section divided as follows –

Reading Comprehension  10
Cloze Test 5
Sentence Correction 5
Spot the error 5
Fill in the blanks 5
Para jumbles 5



IBPS PO English Preparation Tips

Reading Comprehension

It’s generally suggested to read the paragraph first and then the questions in RC section. But on a computer screen, it doesn’t make much sense as you can’t underline the important information. Hence, in order to saver time and increase accuracy, we recommend that you have a cursory look at the questions first and then go through the passage. This ensures that while reading the passage you exactly know as to what is being asked, answer it correctly and go on to the next question.

Now for the synonym/antonym and vocabulary questions of RC, first read the questions carefully and then identify the sentence in which the word is present and read it once. Then, have a look at your options and trust your intuition to answer the question i.e. the first choice that props up in your mind is the most probable answer.

Cloze Passage

One paragraph with numbered blanks. These questions are easy and help you improve your performance. If you are confused between two options, then move onto to the next question, solve it and come back to the question where you are confused. You will now have a better idea about the correct choice.

Fill in the Blanks

Go with the elimination rule and you can easily solve this section by eliminating options and getting them down to 50-50 choice. Again, trust your instinct for choosing between the two options.

Spotting Errors

Eliminate options by reading the sentence and asking yourself “Does this sound right?” That is all.

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