IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions

IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions

IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions 2016. With Solutions.

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IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions 

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection successfully conducted IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2016. The exam centres saw a massive surge of aspirants this year. The number of vacancies is high this time and so is the cut throat competition.

You will be happy to know that our experts went to various exam centers and  spoke to a number of aspirants who gave IBPS Clerk 2016. Based on their valuable feedback, we’ve come up with this year’s IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions. These questions will let you know the nature of this year’s exam.

IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions 

We are providing you section wise IBPS Clerk memory based questions for your convenience. We will keep updating the list as and when we keep receiving inputs from sincere candidates. Additionally we are also providing you with a pdf along with solutions.

We are constantly updating the list. You are encouraged to provide your input.

You are all welcome to provide your valuable feedback on the questions asked in IBPS Clerk preliminary examination 2016. 

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Questions Asked – Nov 26th

IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions – Quantitative Aptitude

Q.  The area of triangle and ratio of height & base was given. Then there was square whose side is 2.5 times the base. You have to find perimeter of square.

Q. There are two pipes that fill a tank of given volume in 25 hours and 15 hour. Both were opened together and then closed after 5 hours. How much more time will be required to fill the tank.

Q. Abhilaksh decided to donate 4% of his salary. On the day of charity, he changed his minand donated Rs. 1250.50 which was 12% of what he had decided earlier. How much is Abhilaksh’s salary? 

Q. Complete the number series –

Q. 9 11 16 26 ? 69

Q. 3 4 10 33 136 ?

Q. 21 24 32 45 63 ?

Q. 6 3 3 6 24 ?

Q. 7 10 16 28 ? 100

Q. A super fast express train starting from Mysore, reaches  Bengaluru in 70 minutes  with an average speed of 50 km/hr. If the speed is increased by 15.5 km/hr how much time it will take to cover the same distance?

QThe perimeter of a rectangular shaped play ground is 620 meters and the ratio between the length and breadth is 7:4. What is the area of the field ?

IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions – English

Q. Spot the grammatical error in the sentence -> The decline in population in Sweden has been the subject of frequently changing controversy.

Q. Choose the correct substitute in the form of a single word for the following sentence -> An individual with a good amount of knowledge 

Choices -> a) Intellectual b) Reasonable c) Sensible d) All of the above e) none of the above

Q. Reading Comprehension

In the early days, when the earth was young, the land was hot and dry. Water was scarce as a hen’s teeth across the great land and scattered. The spring was a haven to animals far and wide. At one such spring a monkey came along, and greed lead him down a dark path. He made himself guard of the spring. He lit a fire to warm himself at night.

He chased off other animals who wanted a drink, telling them that the water was his. Many days and nights passed, and the animals grew weary with thirst thanks to the cruel-hearted greedy monkey.

One morning a zebra came to quench his thirst after a long and tiring journey. In the early days the zebra didn’t have his stripes, he wore a coat of fine white fur. As he approached the water the monkey jumped up angrily and said “Go away, I am the lord of this water and it is mine!”

The thirsty zebra challenged him and said “Water belongs to everyone, not just you.” This infuriated the monkey who then shouted “If you want a drink of water, you’ll have to fight me for it.” The two animals were soon engaged in a fierce combat that seemed to go on forever. The monkey used his strength and large teeth, the zebra kicked and bit back.

Finally the zebra gave a mighty kick and sent the monkey flying onto the tall rocks behind the pool of water. The zebra kicked so hard he stumbled and staggered backwards, falling into monkey’s fire. This sent burning sticks flying high into the air, and as they fell back to earth they skimmed the zebras beautiful white coat. This left black scorch marks all over the zebra.

Hurt, the zebra ran off into the grassland where it lives to this day. Eventually it came to accept its stripes as something that made him stand out.

(i) What will be the Synonym of ‘Combat’ ?
(ii)What will be the synonym of ‘Fine’ ?
(iii) What will be the Antonym of ‘Scattered’ ?
(iv)What do you mean by  ‘scarce as hen’s teeth’ ?
(v) What is the most suitable title of the passage ?

IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions – Reasoning Ability

Q. Complete the series:

Q. A person moves 7 km toward North then takes a right turn and moves 3 km. Then she again takes a right turn & goes 5 km. Then she takes a left turn. Which direction is she facing now?

Q. A is the father of B. B is the only son of C. C is the daughter of D. C is the mother of E. E is the sister of S. How is S related to A ?

Q. Can a word be made using the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 11th letters of the word ‘GEOGRAPHICAL’ If no, then mark ‘X’. Else, which letter is the 2nd letter in the newly formed word.

Q. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word ‘ABSOLUTE’ each of which has as many letters between them in the word (in both forward and backward directions) as they have between them in the English alphabetical series ?

Questions Asked – Nov 27th

IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions – Quantitative Aptitude

Q. Solve the following –

30% of 270 + ? /15 = 9
131.5 + 69 – 78 = 2.5* ?
80% of 72 * 0.5 = ?

Q. Number Series –

11, 17, 29, 53, ?, 197
5, 6, 14, 45, 184, ?
11, 13, 18, 28, ?, 71
9, 16, 13, 20, 17, ?
8, 7, 12, 33, ?, 635

Q. A and B earn in the ratio of 11:7. They spend in the ratio of 7:9 and their savings is
in the ratio of 13:5. If their total monthly expenditure is Rs. 9600, then the annual salary of B is?

Q. The side of an equilateral Triangle is 18cm. The ratio of circumference of an circle and perimeter is 44:27. Then find the area of the circle?

Q. A Boat travels 7.6 km downstream in 24 minutes and travels 7.8 km upstream in 36 minutes. What is the speed of river current?

Q. Two tables bought for Rs. 250 and Rs.400. One is sold at the profit of 15% and another at the loss of X% then the overall loss is Rs.76 then find the value of X?

IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions – English

Q. Reading Comprehension

Once upon a time, a merchant went to trade in the European countries. While wandering in the market, he came across a very beautiful and valuable crystal ball. The merchant was attracted by its dazzling brilliant light and so, he bought it. He made up his mind to gift the beautiful crystal ball to his king.

After trading, the merchant boarded a ship and set sail for his country. One night when the ship was nearing the coast, violent storm hit the sea. The ship in which the merchant was traveling was wrecked and it sank into the coast and reached his country.

The merchant then met the king and told him about the wonderful crystal ball which had sunk into the see along with the ship. The king got curious and eager to know more the crystal ball. He made up his mind to get the crystal ball. So, he sent for his most efficient divers and ordered them to go to the bottom of the sea and get the valuable crystal ball.

The divers went to the bottom of the sea and searched for the crystal ball, but they could not find it. Soon the news of the crystal ball spread round the city. When a fisher man heard about it, he went to the royal count and said, “Your highness, I am prepared to go to the bottom of the sea and get the crystal ball for you.”

When the fisherman said these words, some divers who were present in the court started laughing. They made fun of the poor fisherman’s look and and his clothes. The king however asked the fisherman to get him crystal ball from the sea.

The fisherman and his wife sat in their boat and reached the place where the ship had sunk into the sea. He tied a thick and strong rope round his waist and jumped into the sea.

When the fisherman reached the bottom of the sea, he saw many small rocks there. He spotted a variety of fishes in the hollow of those rocks. After a long and tiring search, he suddenly saw the crystal ball in the hollow of rocks. He was thrilled. He immediately took the crystal ball out from the hollow and came back to the surface of the sea. His wife too, was delighted with her husband’s success in getting the crystal ball.

The fisherman went to the king and gave it to him. The king was very happy to see the crystal ball. The merchant too, was equally happy. The king praised the courage and spirit of adventurous fisherman and gave him a handsome reward. Also the merchant gave a gift to the brave fisherman.

IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions – Reasoning Ability

Q. Complete the following series: Complete the following: RAK GDL RID WLZ IPO ?

Q. A, B, C, D, R, S, T, U are seated in a line Facing North. C sits fifth to the left of U. T is neither an immediate neighbor of C and U. S is to the right of R. One person between C and A. D is immediate Right of U. Only one person between R and D.

Q. P Q R S T U V W are seated in a circle. P is third to the right of R. T is an Immediate neighbour of R. U is second to the right of P. Three persons between V and S. V is neither an immediate neighbor of U. W is an Immediate neighbor of S.

Q. Complete the following: Complete the following:
AB-4, DE-8, GH-12, JK-16, ?

Benefits of IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions

  • Aspirants from all the shifts can draw a comparison between the IBPS Clerk memory based questions asked in the examination.
  • Future aspirants attempting the paper in the next academic year will understand the type and level of questions asked.
  • Aspirants will understand that examiners from Institute of Banking Personnel Selection don’t discriminate between shifts. Every aspirant is placed at an equal footing.


If you have any queries or doubts related to any part of IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions kindly post it in the comments section below. We will try our level best to resolve it at the earliest.

Your input on IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions is encouraged so that we can keep updating. We’ve updated the list for all 4 shifts. We’re trying to get more questions across shifts.

Best Wishes.

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