IAS Officer Salary : Facts, Figures & 7th Pay Commission

IAS Officer Salary

IAS Officer Salary – Facts and figures

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IAS Officer Salary

Being a part of Indian Administrative Services is a prestigious thing.  Each year lakhs of aspirants appear for the UPSC Civil Services Examination and make earnest efforts to beat the cut throat competition. Not only is the job of an IAS Officer highly respected but also well paid. A lot of people have this pertinent question – ‘What is the actual IAS Officer Salary figure?”



In the current article, we will help you with the latest pay structure.

IAS Officer Salary: Scale Wise

Scale Latest IAS Salary Figures
Junior Scale Rs. 50,000 – 1,50,000
Senior Time Scale Rs. 50,000 – 1,50,001
Junior Administrative Grade Rs. 50,000 – 1,50,002
Selection Grade Rs. 1,00,000 – 2,00,000
Super Time Scale Rs. 1,00,000 – 2,00,000
Above Super Time Scale Rs. 1,00,000 – 2,00,000
Apex Scale Rs. 2,25,000 (Fixed)
Cabinet Secretary Grade Rs. 2,25,000 (Fixed)


IAS Officer Salary : Grade Pay Wise

Scale Latest IAS Salary Figures
Junior Scale Rs. 16,500
Senior Time Scale Rs. 20,000
Junior Administrative Grade Rs. 23,000
Selection Grade Rs. 26,000
Super Time Scale Rs. 30,000
Above Super Time Scale Rs. 30,000
Apex Scale No Grade Pay
Cabinet Secretary Grade No Grade Pay


IAS Officer Salary : Overall

IAS Officer Salary: Junior Scale

  • 50,000 – 1,50,000
  • 16,500 :- Grade pay

IAS Officer Salary: Senior Time Scale

  • 50,000 – 1,50,001
  • 20,000:- Grade pay
  • 5 years
  • District Magistrate (DM) or Collector or a Joint Secretary of a Government Ministry

IAS Officer Salary: Junior Administrative Grade

  • 50,000 – 1,50,002
  • 23,000 – Grade pay
  • 9 years
  • Special Secretary or the Head of Various Government Departments

IAS Officer Salary: Selection Grade

  • 1,00,000 – 2,00,000
  • 26,000 – Grade pay
  • 12 to 15 years
  • Secretary to a Ministry

IAS Officer Salary: Super Time Scale

  • 1,00,000 – 2,00,000
  • 30,000 – Grade pay
  • 17 to 20 years
  • Principal Secretary of a very Important Department of the Government

IAS Officer Salary: Above Super Time Scale

  • 1,00,000 – 2,00,000
  • 30,000 – Grade pay varies

IAS Officer Salary: Apex Scale

  • 2,25,000 (Fixed)
  • No grade pay
  • Chief Secretary of States, Union Secretaries in charge of various ministries of Government of India

IAS Officer Salary: Cabinet Secretary Grade

  • 2,50,000 (Fixed)
  • NA – Grade pay
  • Cabinet Secretary of India


IAS Officer Salary: For New Recruits

  • At the officer’s level, the starting monthly salary is Rs. 58,100
  • It should be known that for any post, the basic pay will be same ( basic pays are different for different posts order of basic pay would be sub collector <collector < additional secretary< and it increases up to central secretary.
  • What adds to the basic pay are HRA (home rental allowances, don’t include this if you are provided a bungalow), DA( dearness allowances) and for every six years there will be a change in basic pay ( grade pay).

Additional Incentives

  • An officer also gets a car, a driver, phone bill reimbursements, unlimited medical benefits for self and dependents
  • A secret allowance — an undisclosed amount paid to officers working in the cabinet secretariat for dealing with top secret papers and performing sensitive duties. After all it is one of the most prestigious jobs of our country.


Note: In government services in India Pay Scales is not the total salary. It only indicates the minimum and maximum basic pay of an employee. The IAS are promoted to total four pay scales according to service seniority. These five scales are named as Junior Scale, Senior Time Scale, Junior Administrative Grade , Selection Grade and Super Time Scale.

IAS Officer Salary:  After 7th Pay Commission

IAS Officer Salary

The Pay Levels are highlighted at Fourth Row. Within the same column, if you go downward, the pay for the next years are mentioned. However, IAS officers are promoted within every 4-5 years and go to the next level.

  • The 7th Pay Commission has recommended to remove the principle of Grade Pay.
  • From now on,  only a basic salary without a Grade pay will be provided.
  • The starting salary of an IAS/IPS/IRS/or for that matter any group A service will be Rs.56100/-
  • 7th CPC has recommended merging 125% of DA as on 1 Jan 2016. Further the DA is increased every 6 months. Therefore DA will be 6% on 1 July 2016 and 12% on 1 Jan 2017.



IAS Officer Salary : After Implementation of 7th Pay Commission

  • IAS Officer Salary: Basic: 56100
  • IAS Officer DA (6%) : 3366
  • Transport Allowance (Basic): 7200
  • DA on Transport allowance: 432
  • HRA: 13464

Therefore total salary shall be Rs 80,562.

Now coming to the thing that you will be a probationary officer undergoing training. Therefore

  1. Not Eligible for HRA.
  2. You will get Transport Allowance.

Therefore Gross IAS Officer Salary will be 67098/- only

IAS Officer Salary : Perks & Incentives

  • Accommodation
  • Vehicle
  • Government Transportation
  • Study Abroad
  • Lifetime Pension after retirement
  • Job Security

Latest Salary Structure of other Posts under UPSC

Post Latest Salary Structure
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Salary Structure of Honorable President & Prime Minister of India

Honorable President of India

The President is the head of our nation,  the first citizen and the Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces.

  • Annual: INR 1,800,000.00
  • Monthly: INR 150,000.00
  • Weekly: INR 34,615.00
  • Daily: INR 4,931.00

In addition, the President also stays at the lavish Rashtrapati Bhavan, travels in a bulletproof Mercedes Benz, has more than 200 employees as his staff.

Honorable Prime Minister of India

The Prime Minister is the head of the Government of India and the senior member of cabinet in the executive branch of government.

  • Pay – Rs. 50,000
  • Sumptuary Allowance – Rs. 3000
  • Daily Allowance – Rs. 62,000 @ 2000 per day
  • Constituency Allowance – Rs. 45,000
  • Gross Pay – Rs. 1,60,000

In addition, the PM also receives perks like personal staff, special jet, government residence, and much more. 

7th Pay Commission Under Government of India

  • As per the 7th Pay Commission, Grade Pay System will be done away with altogether.
  • A new Pay Matrix system will be introduced by the commission.
  • This new 7th pay commission pay scale will contain as many as 18 horizontal levels. All these levels will take care of the fixation of pay on MACP or Promotion.
  • For all these 18 horizontal levels, the vertical range for each is meant for fixation of pay by providing annual increment.