Hyperloop : Vision for India


Hyperloop : New revolution in transportation


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Hyperloop : Introduction

  • Hyperloop is transportation technology proposed by Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX/Tesla in a white paper in 2013, as a replacement to the California High Speed Rail.
  • Is a new way to move people and things at airline speeds for the price of a bus ticket. It’s on-demand, energy-efficient and safe.

Hyperloop : Technology

  • Technology uses a linear electric motor to accelerate and decelerate an electromagnetically levitated pod through a low-pressure tube.
  • The vehicle will glide silently for miles at speeds of up to 620 mph (1,000 km/h) with no turbulence.
  • Most of the air is removed from inside a long tube so vehicle glides with extremely low aerodynamic drag and non-contact suspension.

Hyperloop : How its better than traditional transport system?

  • The system promises to be safe, quiet, weather-proof and energy efficient with no direct carbon emissions.
  • Furthermore, it will be point-to-point, meaning for any user, the pod doors only open twice: once to let you in and once to let you out, hence leading to first and last mile solutions.

Hyperloop One

  • Hyperloop One, previously known as Hyperloop Technologies, is a company in Los Angeles, California, that is leading the effort to commercialize the Hyperloop for moving passengers or cargo at airline speeds at a fraction of the cost of air travel.
  • The company has raised $160 million and successfully demonstrated its propulsion technology in May 2016 at its test site north of Las Vegas.
  • Company expects to achieve “first flight” of the complete system (with levitation, propulsion, pod vehicle, control systems and low-pressure tube) early in 2017.
  • The company is developing passenger and cargo system routes in the United States, Finland, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and Switzerland. It is also in early talks with Indian government to build one in India.
  • It has unveiled the first images of its test site currently under construction in the Nevada desert, which is set to become the first operational Hyperloop system in the world some time this year.

Hyperloop : Vision for India

  • The company had revealed that it was in talks with the government to bring ultra-fast transportation to India.
  • On February 28, in a summit in New Delhi, company unveils “Vision for India” to revolutionize the transport infrastructure in India, which was attended by Minister of Railways Suresh Prabhu and NITI Ayog CEO Amitabh Kant.
  • As recently as January 2017, company had tweeted out the routes it was interested in laying down its pipes. These include Chennai-Bengaluru, Chennai-Mumbai, Bengaluru-Thiruvananthapuram and Mumbai-Delhi.

Hyperloop : Environmental impacts

  • The entire system runs on a solar power and is independent of the grid.
  • As the system is packed in a pipe, it is literally disconnected from the outside environment. So there is no air, noise or chemical pollution.