Highest Paid Football Players of 2016


Highest Paid Football Players of the year 2016.

Highest Paid Football Players

We have compiled a list of Highest Paid Football Players in the world for the year 2016 based on a recent survey conducted by Forbes.

RANK 1 : Christiano Ronaldo

Earnings: $82 million

How could anyone not see this coming? Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is much more than just a goal-scoring machine with sick moves: He’s an unstoppable brand — all by himself. Not only did CR7 earn $53 million for his exceptional play on the field, but thanks to his outstanding relationship with Nike, Herbalife, Clear, and Tag Heuer among others, he also netted a sweet $29 million in endorsement money.

In the world of highest paid football players, there can be only one. And with $82 million in 2015, Ronaldo remains at the top of the mountain (of money).

RANK 2 : Lionel Messi

Earnings: $77 million

All Lionel Messi did in 2015 was score 48 goals, help Barcelona secure five trophies, and collect a record-setting fifth Ballon d’Or as the best soccer player on the planet. Oh, and he also earned some serious coin in the process. Our favorite magician pulled in $26 million off the pitch from endorsement deals with big names like Adidas, Gatorade, EA Sports, and Lays.

On top of that, Messi tore it up on the field in more ways than one, bringing in a cool $51 million in salary and bonus money. He may be at rank 2 on this list but there is nothing sad about $77 million. Of course, if Messi wishes to cry about his position, we’d be more than happy to take some of that loot off his plate.

RANK 3 : Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Earnings: $37 million

While Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s time with Paris Saint-Germain may be coming to an end after this season, the sensational striker continues to be one of the most gifted scorers on the planet. And we all know what happens when soccer players hit the back of the net on a regular basis: They make loads of money.

Last year, Ibrahimovic earned $7 million in endorsement money thanks to deals with companies like Nike and Volvo, and he also made a whopping $30 million from his salary and bonuses.

RANK 4 : Neymar Jr

Earnings: $36 million

If you think Barcelona phenom Neymar has skills on the field, you should see how he brings the goods on the worldwide web. Neymar is the only player pulling in more dough from his off-the-pitch endeavors than from his salary and bonuses. Considering he earned $14 million from Barca last year, that’s saying something.

Of course, when you have 12 endorsement deals, including relationships with brands such as Rexona, Clear, Panasonic, and Nike, the money is never too far behind — $22 million in 2015 to be exact. And yet, if Neymar’s $36 million in total earnings from 2015 is only good enough for fourth place on the list, imagine what the top three are bringing in.

RANK 5: Gareth Bale

While Gareth Bale hasn’t exactly been the dominating force Real Madrid hoped he’d be when it spent a ridiculous amount of money to bring him over to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, he’s still an explosive player who has come up with crucial goals when his team has needed them the most. And that has helped him earn quite a bit of green.

In 2015, Bale earned $24 million in salary and bonuses while pulling in another $10 million thanks to endorsement deals with companies such as Adidas, BT Sport, and Sony Xperia. With a total haul of $34 Million from last year, the Welsh superstar comes in at No. 5 on the list of highest-paid soccer players in 2016.