GATE 2017 Exam Pattern for All The Branches

GATE 2017 Exam Pattern for All The Branches

GATE 2017 Exam Pattern to help you get an idea about the Exam Pattern of all the Branches.

GATE 2017 Important Topics for All Branches.

  • GATE 2017 Exam will be conducted on Feb 4th, Feb 5th, Feb 11th and Feb 12th 2017.
  • We hope your preparation for GATE 2017 is going on in full flow for the exam.
  • As we all know GATE is one big Exam you can’t afford to ill prepare.
  • Here we are providing you with the GATE 2017 Exam Pattern and Important Topics for GATE 2017 Exam to help you prepare for the GATE 2017 Exam along with the Resources Required to boost your Preparation.

GATE 2017 Exam Pattern

In GATE Exam 2017, you can apply for only one of the 23 papers listed in the table given below.

Aerospace Engg. AE Geology and Geophysics GG
Agricultural Engg. AG Instrumentation Engg. IN
Architecture & Planning AR Life Sciences XL
Biotechnology BT Mathematics MA
Civil Engg. CE Mechanical Engg. ME
Chemical Engg. CH Mining Engg. MN
Computer Science and

Information Technology

CS Metallurgical Engg. MT
Chemistry CY Physics PH
Electronics and Communication


EC Production and Industrial Engg. PI
Electrical Engg. EE Textile Engg. & Fibre Science TF
Engg. Sciences XE Ecology and Evolution EY
Petrolium Engg. PE


GATE 2017 Exam Pattern of Question Papers

  • As you would have aware that GATE 2017 Exam Pattern will consist a total of 65 questions that will be carrying 100 marks.
  • In the GATE 2017 Exam Pattern, 10 questions having 15 marks will be on General Aptitude (GA).
  • One more thing to keep in mind about GATE 2017 Exam Pattern is that in papers bearing the codes AE, AG, BT, CE, CH, CS, EC, EE, IN, ME, MN, MT, PE, PI, TF and XE, Engg. Mathematics will carry a weightage of 15% of the total marks and the General Aptitude section will carry a weightage of 15% of the total marks and as per the GATE 2017 Exam Pattern, the remaining 70% weightage is given to the subject of the paper.
  • In the papers bearing the codes AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH and XL, GATE 2017 Exam Pattern will comprise of the General Aptitude section carrying 15% of the total marks
Name of  the Section Sequence of Questions Number of


Marks Per




General Aptitude 1 to 5 5 1 5




1 to 25 25 1 25
26 to 55 30 2 60
Total Number Questions : 65 Total Marks -100 Total Duration -3 hours
Technical Section :

70 marks

General Aptitude: 15 marks Engineering Mathematics :

15 marks

25 marks to 40 marks will allotted to Numeric Answer Type Questions


GATE Exam Pattern As per the Marking Scheme

  • GATE 2017 is an online exam of three hours duration.
  • If we talk about the marking in GATE 2017 Exam Pattern, Out of the 65 questions, 35 Questions are of 2 Marks & 30 Questions are of 1 Mark).
  • This makes a total of 100 Marks.

GATE 2017 Exam Pattern: As per Types of Questions Asked

The question paper consist of two types of Questions :
Multiple Choice Questions

  • 4 options are given &you have to choose one.
  • 1/3 Negative marking for every answer.

Numerical Answer Questions

  • They will have no choices.
  • You have to enter a Numeric Answer question that carries 1 or 2 marks questions in all sections.
  • The answer for these questions will be a real number to be entered by using mouse and virtual keyboard displayed on the monitor.

GATE 2017 Exam Negative Marking

Negative Marking
Questions Type Marks Negative Marking
Multiple Choice Questions 1 0.33
2 0.66
Numerical Answer Based Questions 1 Nil
2 Nil

Summary Regarding GATE 2017 Exam Pattern:

  • The GATE 2017 exam will consist of a single paper of 3-hour duration.
  • The GATE 2017 question paper will consist of both multiple choice questions and numerical answer type questions.
  • Tests for all the GATE 2017 papers will be carried out online.
  • You are required to select the answer for MCQ type and enter the answer for numerical  type questions.
  • You will be provided with a scribble pad for rough work.
  • The computer will automatically close the screen after completion of 3 hours.

GATE Previous Year Solved papers

GATE Online Mock Tests

GATE 2017 Exam Schedule

Availability of Admit Cards for printing. January 5, 2017 (Thursday)
Announcement of Results on the Online Application Website March 27, 2017 (Monday)

GATE 2017 Important Topics

GATE 2017 Important Topics for Electronics Engineering

  • Integrated Electronics & Circuits
  • VLSI Design Tool Technology
  • Micro Electronics
  • Communication Engg
  • Microwave Engineering
  • Telecommunication Technology & Management
  • Nanotechnology
  • Optoelectronics & Optical Communication
  • Control & Automation
  • Digital Signal Processing

GATE 2017 Important Topics for Electrical Engineering

  • Machines & Drives
  • Power Electronics
  • Power Systems
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Control & Automation
  • Instrumentation Technology

GATE 2017 Important Topics for Mechanical Engineering

  • Thermal Engineering
  • Design of Mechanical Equipment or Machine Design
  • Manufacturing Science & Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Material Science & management

GATE 2017 Important Topics for Civil Engineering

  • Structural Engineering
  • Construction Engineering &Management
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Rock Engineering & Underground Structure
  • Water Resources Engineering

GATE 2017 Important Topics for Computer Science & Information Technology

  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Information Security
  • Distributed Computing
  • Software Engineering
  • Image Processing
  • Database and Information Systems
  • Computer Systems and Hardware
  • Programming languages
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
  • Advanced Computing

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