7th Pay Commission Pay Scale for Armed Forces

7th Pay Commission Pay Scale for Armed Forces
7th Pay Commission Pay Scale for Armed Forces.

7th Pay Commission Pay Scale for Armed Forces

  • 7th Pay Commission has done  a lot of new things. The Most important of them is doing away with the Pay Band  or Grade Pay System
  • In the 7th Pay Commission pay scale, a  new Pay Matrix system will be introduced by the commission.
  • This new 7th pay commission pay scale will contain as many as 18 horizontal levels. All these levels will take care of the fixation of pay on MACP or Promotion.
  • For all these 18 horizontal levels, the vertical range for each is meant for fixation of pay by providing annual increment.
  • Taking all these aspects regarding the 7th Pay Commission pay Scale Sarkari.jobs has come up with a detailed article on 7th Pay Commission Pay Scale and Allowances.
  • In this article, you will get about all aspects of 7th pay Commission pay Scale including HRA and TA of Central Government Civilian Employees.

Tabulation of 7th Pay Commission Pay Scale for Armed Forces


Post Pay Band Grade Pay Military Service Pay# X Group Pay *
Sepoy 5200-20200 2000 2000 1400
Naik 5200-20200 2400 2000 1400
Havaldar 5200-20200 2800 2000 1400
Nb Sub 9300-34800 4200 2000 1400
Subedar 9300-34800 4600 2000 1400
Sub Major 9300-34800 4800 2000 1400


Air Force

Post Pay Band Grade Pay Military Service Pay# X Group Pay *
AC/LAC 5200-20200 2000 2000 1400
Corporal 5200-20200 2400 2000 1400
Sergeant 5200-20200 2800 2000 1400
Jr Warrant Officer 9300-34800 4200 2000 1400
Warrant Officer 9300-34800 4600 2000 1400
MWO 9300-34800 4800 2000 1400


Navy (X-Group)

Post Pay Band Grade Pay Military Service Pay# X Group Pay *
Apprentice 5200-20200 2000 2000 1400
Artificer – V 5200-20200 2400 2000 1400
Artificer – IV 5200-20200 2800 2000 1400
Artificer III – I** 9300-34800 3400 2000 1400
Chief Artificer 9300-34800 4200 2000 1400
MCPO – II 9300-34800 4600 2000 1400
MCPO – I 9300-34800 4800 2000 1400


Navy (Y-Group)

Post Pay Band Grade Pay Military Service Pay#
Seaman II /  I 5200-20200 2000 2000
Leading Seaman 5200-20200 2400 2000
Petty Officer 5200-20200 2800 2000
Chief Petty Officer 9300-34800 4200 2000
MCPO – II 9300-34800 4600 2000
MCPO – I 9300-34800 4800 2000

7th Pay Commission Pay Scale for Armed Forces Previous Updates

  • The Seventh Pay Commission has been applicable from July Last Year 2016 and all the central government employees have already received some salary hikes in July.
  • Armed Force Personnel were very dissatisfied with hikes they got.
  • The central government therefore constituted a committee to look into thses anomalies which creeped up in pensions and the mimmum salalry hikes of thsee beneficiaries.
  • Armed Force Personnel, pensioners and the Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) in Armed Forces are still not satisfied with the recommendations.
  • Few month back, all the three wings of the defence forces- the Army, Navy and the Air Force had sent a joint letter to the ruling dispensation, expressing dissatisfaction over the hikes.
  • They said that they had been raising these demands since the last Manmohan Singh government.
  • The letter was sent to the Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar, urging him to look into all their demands.
  • They have been demanding the creation of Uniform Pay Matrix, which would equate all opportunities of salary hike between the armed force personnel and the bureacrats.
  • As per them, when all central government employees are provided 40 pay scales, the Armed Force Personnel are graded bracketed only in 24, restricting the opportunity of greater salary hike.

 7th Pay Commission Pay Scale for Armed Forces X-Pay:

  1. X pay for JCOs/ORs in Group X at ₹6,200 per month for all X trades. This amount is the difference in the minimum of the Pay level 6, and Pay level 5
  2. X pay for JCOs/ORs in Group X at ₹3,600 per month, for those currently in X pay, but not having a technical qualification recognised by AICTE.

Non-Practising Allowance for Defence Doctors:

Defence Medical Doctors will be entitled to NPA of 20% calculated on 7CPC Basic Pay.

NPA and MSP is not a pay for the purpose of HRA:

This 7th Pay Commission Defence Pay for Armed Forces including Military Service Pay, House Rent Allowance and Transport Allowance for Defence Personnel as per the pay fixation procedure recommended by 7th CPC.

Summary on 7th Pay Commission Pay Scale for Armed Forces:

  • 7th Pay Commission has devisedvarious pay matrices for civil and defence forces personnel.
  • The Existing grade pay and pay bands have been merged.
  • The starting point of a Sepoy, the entry level personnel has been fixed in the Defence Pay Matrix at Rs.21,700.
  • The starting point in existing pay structure is Rs.8,460 for a Sepoy.
  • The fitment in new matrix is essentially a multiple factor of 2.57.


Military Service Pay (MSP)

An identical fitment of 2.57 has been applied to existing rates of Military Service Pay:

Designation Existing MSP. Rs Recommended MSP Rs
Service Officers 6000 15500
Nursing Officers 4200 10800
JCO / ORs 2000 5200
Non Combatants (Enrolled) in the Air Force 1000 3600

Issues in 7th Pay Commission Pay Scale for Armed Forces

    • HRA @ 24%, 16%, and 8% have been proposed for X, Y and Z class cities respectively. 7th Pay Commission has also recommended for enhancement of HRA while DA crosses 50% and 100%. As far as Transport Allowance is concerned, there is no increase. DA @ 125% has been merged with existing Transport Allowance
    • .The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has not issued the notification in regard to enhanced pay like other Central Government employees.
    • After the Sixth Pay Commission, the services had faced a similar “lowering of status”.
    • The services, in their letter, have pointed out four key issues that need to be addressed and lift the morale of the forces.
    • The first is how the salaries of the service officers have been “artificially suppressed”. The formula applied for basic pay fixation is different than the one applied to other Central Government employees.
    • One of the major issues is the non-acceptance of the demand for non-functional upgrade (NFU).
    • The third issue is higher military service pay (MSP) for junior commissioned officers (JCOs). They rise from the lower ranks (jawans).
    • The 7th CPC has clubbed the MSP of JCOs and jawans at Rs 5,200. The demand is to have it at Rs 10,000 for the JCOs.
    • The MSP for officers between Lieutenant-rank and Brigadier-rank is common at Rs 15,500.
    • The fourth main issue is lowering of disability pension.
    • The Defense Services in their Joint Services Memorandum have contended that the emoluments in the Defense Services should stand a fair comparison with their counterparts.

Verdict on 7th Pay Commission Pay Scale for Armed Forces:

  • Pay Bands and Grade Pays have been dispensed with and the new functional levels have been arrived at by merging the Grade Pay in the Pay Band. All the existing levels have been subsumed in the new structure.
  •  The entry pay for various ranks of defence forces personnel, other than MNS Offices, has been arrived at on the same premise, as has been done in the case of civilian.
  • Entry pay in existing pay band + (Residency Period for promotion to Captain from Lieutenant x annual increment) + grade pay of the rank of Captain = Rs.15,600 + (2 x Rs.630) + Rs.6,100 = Rs.22,960.
  •  An exception to this approach has been made in the case of Brigadiers/equivalents where pay for the rank has been arrived at as per the fitment table notified by the Ministry of Defence through its Special Army Instructions of October 2008.
  • Fitment: The starting point of a Sepoy (and equivalent), the entry level personnel in the defence forces, has been fixed in the Defence Pay Matrix at Rs.21,700. The starting point in the existing pay structure is Rs.8,460 for a Sepoy/equivalent.The fitment in the new matrix is essentially a multiple factor of 2.57. This multiple is the
  • The Commission is not recommending an increase in the number of MACPs. For defence forces personnel this will continue to be administered at 8, 16 and 24 years as before.
  • The starting pay level for officers at Group `A’ entry level is identical at Rs.56,100 in the case of both civilian and defence service officers.
  • For defence forces personnel, there are two separate matrices, one for the Service Officers and JCO/ORsand anotherfortheMilitaryNursingOfficers.
  •  The commencement of the Defence Pay Matrix for combatants corresponds to the existing GP 2000, which is the induction level for Sepoys and equivalent.
  •   Pay levels corresponding to the existing GP 3400, GP 5700, GP 6100, GP 6600, GP 7600, GP 8000, GP 8400, GP 8700, GP 8900 and GP 9000 are unique to defence forces personnel.

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